Prints 3 '…a whole hole swallow up all…'

In this series the fragility of the earth’s crust is the central point, that wafer thin skin that we walk on. Volcanoes that spit molten lava and gasses into our atmosphere. They form a bridge between the molten mass on earth and the heavenly arches. Standing on the beginning of the universe and (maybe) responsible for the great (climate) change. I am fascinated by these magnificent Phenomena. I have searched for them in Japan, (ring of Fire) Iceland, and the Canary Islands.

The objects are made of glass for glass is nothing more then very special 'soil'. 

Prints in this series are printed on German etching paper, just 5 in a series. Framed between Perspex and dibond [so called ‘Diasec’ ], or stretched satin.

'Amazing Atmosphere', glass circles mounted on diasec, 40x250cm edition 2, 2009

'Turn to Stone', glass circles mounted on diasec, 22x180cm edition 2, 2009

'Solar', various dimensions 200 X 40 cm Max 400 X 80cm edition 5, 2008

'Level', 240x90 cm , 2007

'Lucy I', 200x40, 2007

'Glacier river', 165x40, 2007

"1st Kiss", 3x 48x64cm, 2007

'Water flower', 77x107, 2007

'Splash', 77x107, 2007

'…a whole hole swallow up all…', 3x 80x70cm, 2007

'Star', 20x30cm, 2007

‘Sea of clouds’, 70x100cm, 2007

'Sun flower', 80x60cm en 30x22cm, 2007

'Clouds [made in china] drifting over Japan’, 120x40cm and 240x80 cm2007

'Earth men', 110x72 cm, 2008

'Series Earth men', 5 x 110 x 72 cm, 2007 - 2008

'Earth stone',110x72 cm, 2007

'Clover', 30x40cm, 2007

'Umbilical cord', 90x88 cm, 2007

'Lemniscaat', 90x73 cm, 2007