Prints 2010-12

-Standing on the edge, Between The Lines-

 Photographic installations For -Standing on the edge, Between The Lines- she makes sketches for her installations. The thinking in this process is more important than the practicability. Seven years ago she stopped making insitu works and she shifted her approach towards photography. Small scale objects and models that are build in the studio are photographed and placed in the landscape-photo’s. This way the thinking can be faster and the working process more comprehensive.
The last serie is a continuation of a long term project that relates to the origins of civilization and the crust. Therefore she photographed the Tectonic fault line, that goes from the current to the ancient and prehistoric world, from the Middle-East, Egypt and Jordan to Ethiopia. The new crust is pushed up and brought to order in a raw new world. People sow, create and destroy.
 Bolhuis’ objects are made of earth related materials like clay, glass and cement. The individual pieces are like Earth. The form may be referring to seed, dandelion, coral and the wheel ... The titles underline the link with current events, history and decay.

The Boat and the Raven, 75x110cm, 2012

The flying Dutchmen, 75x110 cm, 2012

Monolith, 75x110cm, 2012

Ratrace, 110x84cm, 2010

At the office, 110x80cm, 2010 

Zaadje I, 106x87cm, 2010

Zaadje II, 106x87cm, 2010

Gaia, 41x60cm, 2010

Home, 156x46cm, 2010

Standing on the edge [death sea], 47x70, 2010

Between the lines, 110x80, 2010

Rode wolk P.M., 200x51cm, 2010

Begin II, 29x38cm, 2010

Begin I, 20x29cm, 2010

Promised land, 60x45cm, 2010

Family house I, 110x86cm, 2010

Family house II, 90x100cm, 2010

Family house III, 110x86cm, 2010

Habitat, 60x45cm, 2010