Prints 1 'Home ground'

In January 2004 The Amsterdam’s Grafisch Atelier (AGA) invited me to take part in an experiment with a large size printer. Until then I had been working on landscape installations, the last two, on the beach, for the Oeral festival: a festival that takes place yearly on the island of Terschelling. For quite a while I had had the idea to make smaller objects, and then to photograph these within a natural background. The computer made it possible to bring the two together as one object. My first natural backdrop was the beach, a continuation of my original installations. The title of the first series prints is; ‘home ground’. This method of working caused me to think further and the”world” became my studio. See prints series two and three.

All prints are printed on fine art paper with archive ink, edition 5

@ The Dutch Ambasy Washington DC USA

'Losing track', 107 x 77 cm, 2004

‘Fish are friends’, 77x107cm, 2004

untitled, 107 x 77 cm, 2005

untitled, 107 x 77 cm, 2005

untitled, 107 x 77 cm, 2005

untitled, 107 x 77 cm, 2005

'Blue', 150 x 80 cm, 2005

'Island', 150 x 70 cm, 2005

untitled, 105x80 cm, 2004

untitled, 110x77 cm, 2004

‘far’, 110x77cm, 2004

‘Kids’, 30x43 cm, 2004

‘moonlight’, 30x40cm, 2004

'ii, [for Munch, Friedrich and Daniels]', print on canvas, 400 x 140 cm, 2004