Atlas was a woman and the world square, 135x100x100cm, 2018

Idol G10, 2018

Idol G5 , 2018

Idol CH, 135x95x110cm, 2018

Antipode, 180x60x40cm, 2018

Idol BW, 68x27x30cm, brons silk 2018

Just a Day, 2012-2018

Idol BdB., 2012-2017

Idol J., 67x24x20 cm, 2012-2017

Idol M., 40x50x15 cm, 2012-2017

Idol L., 64x43x20 cm, 2012-2017

Narcissus, 62x27x18 cm, bronze,polished face green and black patina, 2017

POP, 130x80x50 cm, 2017

POP, 130x80x50 cm, 2017

Flora, 130x80x50 cm, 2017

Icarus III, 90x130x85cm, 2017

From the broken safety series two thousand one space odyssey, 100x150x16cm, solar panel, led light safety glass, 2017

Inner, 2017

Bacchus, 2016

Broken Safety, 2016

Broken Safety detail, 2016

Installatie Broken Safety, 2016

Odyssee, 2015

Hanging man, 2015

Dimmable Man, 2015

Dimmable Man, 2015

Broken 1, 2015-2016

Broken 2, 2015-2016

Broken 3, 2015-2016

Broken 4, 2015-2016

Broken 5, 2015-2016

Sur la place, 2015

Lucifer , 2012-2015

Sebastian, 2015

Leda and Eve, 2015

Leda and the swan, 205x100x45cm, 2015

Phoenix,205x100x45cm, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood, 180x60x40xcm 2015.

Little Red riding Hood, 180x60x40xcm, 2015

the three graces, 2015

Icarus II, 90x82x108cm, mixed media, 2014

Hands, 140x60x20cm, mixed media, 2014

Icarus, 90x110x85cm, mixed media, 2014

Indian, 45x50x12cm, mixed media, 2014

SNWT nr 9, 55x45x30cm, reinforced plaster fiber, 2014

Searching for Icons

The sculpture series Ď7 Loversí is based on Snow White.
was supported by the AFK , Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

The story of Snow White is about all form of relationships. By making a series of Snow White all possible combination can be explored. The figure of Snow White is raw, unfinished, without much detail. She can be you. She is pure, sensitive but without any help of her friends she is nowhere. Her 7 friends rescue her time after time; give her a home and work. For short; we need each other, even Snow White canít handle it all on her own.

Snow White nr 8, 205x100x100cm, mixed media, 2013

'Snow White nr 7, 180x55x45cm, plaster polystyrene foam bitumen, 2013

'Snow White' nr 5, 60x20x18cm, glass plaster polystyrene foam, 2013

'Snow White nr 4,  180x100x100cm , glass  reinforced plaster, 2013

detail Snow White nr 4

'Snow White nr 3, 60x20x12cm, plaster, epoxy, 2013

'Snow white nr 2, 60x20x12cm, plaster, epoxy, 2013

Darkside of man,  60x120x120cm, plaster clay tiles, 2012

detail of Darkside of man,  60x120x120cm, plaster clay tiles, 2012

Installation 'A day at the races' 

Princess, 60x90x120cm, plaster tiles, 2012

Terra Cotta Warrior,  55x 45x 240cm, plaster straw tiles, 2012

1962, 60x 105x 105cm, plaster styrofoam tiles, 2012

Duck, 55x 75x90cm,  plaster styrofoam tiles, 2012

Death and the girl, 60x20x18cm, plaster styrofoam tiles, 2012

You and you, 140x75x10cm, plaster straw tiles, 2012