Exhibition – Talks – 17.3. to 12.5.2017


Projectspace of the Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin http://groupglobal3000.de/

Group Global 3000 asks the artists about the light today that is affecting us and nature.
We change the natural light through our technology such as glass, buildings, air pollution.
We humans emit the artificial light wasted into space. We barely find the darkness. Stars are lost.
Insects are dying in the light traps of unsuitable street lamps.
We humans waste electricity through outdated lamps and experience pale light from bad energy saving lamps and LEDs.
Many buyers do not yet know the new measure for color reproduction RA / CRI> 80 .


19 artists show their positions to the topic with collage,  object, installation, photo, painting, graphics, video and performance:
Jully AcunaSandra BeckerMarieke BolhuisMarzena BrandtDiego CaglioniMaks DanneckerMary-Noelle DupuisBernd Fuchs
Mariel GottwickStephan Gross und Jörn BirkholzMaria Korporal, Linda LenssenSonja Mischor,  Korvin Reich, Andreina Viera dos Santos und Mahsa Asgari,  Peggy SyloppAgatha Zyblut.

Marieke Bolhuis, Odys?see, from the Broken Safety serie,  safety glass, led, plaster, 2016


Opening 17.3., 19:00

Artists talk 31.3., 19:00

Lecture with Discussion, 21.4., 19 Uhr: Dr. Christopher Kyba, “Light, clean and dirty.”

Light can affect animals, people and the night sky. Some specific examples of light art and architectural lighting that can be problematic. Things that can be done to mitigate the environmental impacts of light art.

Finissage 12.5., 19 Uhr, “Light conducting”. A concept of Mary-Noele Dupuis.
Performers, in art and music, will be conducted by light, improvising simultaneously, constituting composition and choreographie: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt , Bea Dickas (Elektronic), Yann Keller (Steel-Base & Elektronic), Zam Johnson (Drums, Keyboard…), Wilfried Hanrath (E-Base), Gerno Bogumil ( Trumpete), Hartmut Dicke (Sax), Andreas Techler (Sax), Christoph Uhlhaas (Keyboard, Samples, Toys) Mary-Noele Dupuis (Vocal & Conduct).


Tom Albrecht / Maria Korporal


Installation @ Arti et Amaciticiae, Amsterdam NL
finisage april 14th 5.30 pm
The installation can only been seen from the inside out. You can't see her face , she will remain a mystery

Inner Draussen

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, NO WALLS
Installation Broken Safety
10-14 februari 2016 Cruise terminal, Rotterdam

@ Broken Safety
AIR De Torenkamer. Opium–op-4 @ VondelCS, Amsterdam 1-5 februari 2016

Verwonderd Duin, 29 and 30/8/2015 Kennermerduinen , Haarlem, NL

solo ’my Backyard’, at TANKSTATION Enschede, NL

Metamorphoses, Heemtuin, Leiden, NL 2014,

solo exhibition

‘Distant Images, local positions’, 

Galerie Oranjerie , 10 mei – 11juni 2014

Amsterdam, NL

11 oktober 16.00 opening solo SVB Amstelveen,NL 26 september-7 november 2012

The boat and the raven , 75x110cm, 2012

21 september opening 17.00 Artist books by prof. Lisa Kuitert , AGA, Laurierstraat 109, Amsterdam, NL


6 september opening17.00 Boundless ; CBK Amsterdam, 6 september-19 oktober 2012

Presentation multiple ‘From the Sea….’ Digitale print on satin with a Japanese pearl  18x24cm 2012

15 september Artist talk CBK Amsterdam , 15.00  Oranje-vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam, NL


  C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr, 2011, , 3.-5. Juni, Media Art Fair, Essen, Germany,

 @Ververs Gallery, http://www.contemporaryartruhr.de

Het is AAN opening 2 juni 18.00 Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam NL
finisage 12 juni 18.00 www.hetisaan.com
2-12 juni  www.nieuwdakota.nl

'Family house III', 80x110cm, diasec, ed. 5, 2010

 Solo exhibition ' Standing on the edge' @ Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam 2011

'At the Office', 80x110cm, diasec, ed5., 2010

a selection by C.A.R., The German Media Art Messe  will be on display at The LAA Art Fair in L.A, USA

'Eigenhuis en interieur' April number, monthly glossy magazine, interview by Ester Darley, 11 pages


Mail Art Project, VAN ABBE MUSEUM, Eindhoven, NL 20-2-2011 tot 11-3-2011 http://libraryblog.vanabbe.nl