Proposal project under the volcano.

Instalation"The Expedition", 5 Photograph's and 5  objects [glass cement epoxy light], at  'Glasrijk', Tubbergen , NL 2009

Opening exhibition 'Vloedmerk' te Heemskerk, the Netherlands, 2004

participating artists ; David Bade, Marieke Bolhuis, Tom Claassen, Piet Hein Eek, Nikki van Es, Barbara Guldenaar, Danielle Kwaaitaal, Regina Maria Muller, Herbert Nouwens, Zeger Reijers, Paul Vendel, Radboud Wanders.

'ii' ( for Munch,Daniels and Friedrich ), print on canvas 1.40x4m, 2004

'autostrand', print on canvas 1.40x4m, 2004

'island', print on canvas1.40x4m, 2004

'On pearls and seafoam', 2000, installation, Terschelling, NL

An installation in three elements, made of buoys with figures (polyester) 280cm, 150cm, 90cm on them. They are arranged in perspective, with the largest in front, making the sea seem even more infinite.Three spheres, each with a figure dancing in the surf, are tossed from sideto side, up and down. At high tide, the current tries to set them down onthe shore, and at low tide, it takes them back to sea again. But the spheresare anchored, so it doesn't work - they never touch down on land. They are pearls in seafoam. The figures on the pearls stand in a world of their own. They never reach their goal. They are beautiful and vulnerable, transient. They are foam, froth, intangible and violent.

'On Pearls and Seafoam’ 2002 video length: 2 min. Collection Akzo-Nobel foundation

'On Pearls and Seafoam' series of 13 photographs edition: 3 photos diasec, 20cm x 30cm collection Akzo-Nobel foundation

Installation 'On Pearls and Seafoam', 71x101, analog digital photo prints, 2000 'cloud', 26x18x3, fused glass, wire, 2006 /7 gallery Phoebus, Rotterdam, NL

'By numbers', 2000, installation, electrified wire, poles, calves, ear tags, Zijpe, NL

The calves graze the grass around the ‘anamorphosis’. A long-haired green cow arises from the grass inside, like a shadow image. When the wire is removed, the calves eat their own image in grass. ‘An anamorphose’, or perspective drawing is only fully perceived from a single point.

'HO HORSE: SLEEP WELL', 1999, willow branches, 20m x 30m x 2.5m, Terschelling, NL

Hoofprints in the sand suggest a presence, a moment in time. They are blown away or buried under the sand, leaving you to guess who passed here, how long ago, how big he was, how heavy....A horse lies resting at the foot of the dune. Is he at the end of his journey (as Tolstoy described in Yardstick)? A black horse, fully stretched out, built up of willow branches that are black or weathered grey. The sand continues to swirl and settle against the horse. Slowly, the horse disappears beneath the sand, eventually to become a new sand dune.The photographs on this page show the wind slowly shifting the horse under the sand, gradually creating a new sand dune.

'Shopping bag horses', 1998, measurements variable

A candlelight project. There are waxine tea candles in the paper bags. The shape of a horse has been cut out of the bag on the side facing the wall. As the candles flicker, the horses move. The sound of 30 galloping horses, coming and going, going and coming, thunders over you.

' ...when he saw me...' Video 5 min. Edition 3 2001

'looking for desire', artist space W139 Amsterdam, NL, 1990

'The garden of Atlantis', Oud- Amelisweerd, Bunnik, NL 1991